One of my all time favourite vehicles from Eurocom’s Cruis’n World, the Serpent – which is a replication of the 1993 Dodge Viper R/T. A very popular super car produced in the United States, and is recognised world wide.

While producing this raster, I had to make some vector components. For example ‘SERPENT’ title and racing stripes on the bonnet. The other details consisted of the “marble like” select screen floor which the Serpent is placed on, racing flag menu graphic and statistics ‘behind text’ overlay.

Once those elements were completed I then had to do some visual research of the ’93 Viper and compare them to the game’s details.

The real challenge here is finding a high resolution photo of a 90’s super car. After a few hours of comparing a bunch of sample photos, I finally came to a choice.

After doing careful masking of a (what seemed) very high contrast photo or scan of the showroom brochure. I was able to remove the background and continue with the body masking.

With all the masking done, I could now add some details like changing the original red paint, to the Serpent Yellow, smoothing out the median on the body, and removing Dodge and Viper branding like the Serpent (there was no vehicle licensing in Cruis’n World).

Finishing touches were the marble reflections of the vehicle which is a brain teaser as images are in a 2D space – this is where I had to do a lot of trickery on the brain. Much like how cartoon animations do.

Making of

Serpent as it appears in Cruis'n World select car screen.
1993 Dodge Viper sample image.
Marble floor texture sample used.
Rough masking process.
In game Serpent title sample.
Serpent title vector path process.