About Vertigo Design

About Vertigo Design


My name is Luke and I am a self taught graphic designer, in raster, vector and video production based in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. 

Interested in graphic technology and software, being creative is never a job for me but a passion. Majority of my graphic design is created in Adobe Products, since the days of Photoshop 6.0. Phew! That was some time ago.

My previous works have mostly been commissioned based on various groups on Facebook. However I’ve produced many personal pieces to satisfy my creative buzz.

Software and tools I use.

– Adobe Photoshop CC

– Adobe Illustrator CC

Video Production:
– Adobe After Effects CC
– Adobe Premiere CC
– Sony Vegas Pro
– Red Giant
– Video Co-Pilot 

Whenever I’m not doing digital graphics I’m being creative in other ways by ‘memory editing‘ old games, and proactively thinking ways to make computer tasks more efficient.

To find out ways I can benefit your business please contact me via the contact page.