Neko Racing

Need for Speed: Underground was an arcade physic racing game by EA, which featured customisation. Various bosses through the game had unique vinyls which the player couldn’t apply to their own vehicle.

Making of

Samantha’s Honda Civic featured “ Neko Racing ” (Cat Racing), a vinyl with a cute cat, pink text, paw prints, and white stripes together with light blue paint.

This year marks the 15th year since its release, and the Neko Racing vinyl original resolution is 512×512 px. With today’s screens being 1080p, 2k, 4k and now 5k like my iMac. This cat got very pixelated.

To start, I first had to take the texture from the game using BinTEX 0.5.

By creating a rough image trace of the cat, I was able to adjust any imperfections from the low-resolution lines from the texture.

The texture taken from the game has incorrect colours, only one shade of the colour was needed. By using an in-game screenshot of the Civic

The text was a bit of a challenge, it looked to me that it was a default Windows font. Turns out it wasn’t. It was a modified premium font which I couldn’t quite grasp.
Not only because of it’s low resolution but, it’s also got a silhouette.

I later did the letters manually by paths and curves. The 5k screen on the iMac really helped here!

After getting the lettering 100%, all it needed was the Neko pink.

This is where I love Vectors. They can be scaled and applied to anything, and still look great.

Prime example is the Chili from “FlatOut: Ultimate Carnage” with Neko racing livery.