Toyota C-HR Owners Australia

At the age of 25 the Toyota C-HR is the first vehicle I bought off the showroom floor on launch day. What dragged me towards this car was muscular design, vibrant colours and lots of extras to choose from.

When looking on Facebook I couldn’t find any Australian groups following the vehicle. So I decided to create one, little did I know just how popular the compact SUV has been, the group now has 572 members and counting. A new member is added daily.

With other owners spreading the word about the group, I had to create a banner. I plan to create window stickers for those who wish display love for the vehicle and the group all about it. The window sticker will be available in every colour the C-HR is released in Australia.

Group logo is based of the silhouette startup screen of the C-HR. As the vehicle has a very distinguishable side profile, it makes the perfect choice in my eyes.

You can join the group right here.

Making of

The original idea from my own C-HR.
Grabbing emblem design to apply to group sticker.
Concept before colour. Sorry about the watermark here (yet to be printed).