At the moment, I’m currently doing a major mod project for Bugbear’s FlatOut: Ultimate Carnage.

One of the parts to this project involve creating extra paint/colours for every vehicle in game. This is probably the most time consuming area of the project, not with just the technical areas but also what designs could I create that still fit within the game’s lore.

Various tracks have billboards with ‘brands’ of performance parts like motor oil, tyres, suspension etc. One of those brands is Bunnybear.

Bunnybear literally makes no sense but I do find it quite cute. It’s originally based of the Bugbear’s logo which is a small ghost.

All billboards around the game are distant objects, and the resolution isn’t the best for these. So simply masking and placing on a vehicle won’t cut it, unless you like a mash of pixel. For me, clean, simple lines and colours are always pleasing to look at.
So that’s why I had to create a vector of Bunnybear so I can scale it as much as I like without loss of quality and create lore friendly paintwork on the vehicles that feature Bunnybear.

Making of

Billboard sample.
Vinyl text.
Vector applied to the Insetta Sport in game.